HTS (High-Temperature Superconductor)

HTS (High-Temperature Superconductor)

ANTEC MAGNETS is proud to announce the successful test results of the HTS (High-Temperature Superconductor) coils for the HIVOMOT Project sponsored by the Clean Sky 2 part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

The HIVOMOT Consortium is led by the Basque Technology Centre Ceit Centro Tecnológico and is formed by the Basque companies ANTEC MAGNETS, part of the Antec Group, SUPRASYS, and Alconza Berango S.L. This project aims to design an experimental, partially superconducting electric motor to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft.

In this project, ANTEC MAGNETS is in charge of the manufacturing design, held together with the firm Suprasys, and the manufacture of the HTS coils and the magnetic core.

The tests of the HTS superconducting rotor coils were held with the collaboration of Cyclomed Technologies and CIEMAT.

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