Here at ANTEC we are specialists in designing and manufacturing wind turbine brakes for the onshore and offshore markets alike. We also have extensive experience in developing braking systems tailored to our customers’ needs.


ANTEC is a world leader in designing and manufacturing wind turbine braking systems. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry which means we can deliver braking systems tested and optimized in weight and cost to meet the market’s requirements. Our extensive knowhow in manufacturing and friction materials enables us to supply noise-free and vibration-free braking solutions, the main challenge for wind turbine manufacturers.


The offshore market calls for additional technology and product guarantees and reliability. As a result customers choose ANTEC as a braking systems supplier for this application as well. Plus we also have innovative monitoring systems to diagnose our brakes’ parameters (friction material wear, open/closed brake position, number of operations, etc.) in real time.


ANTEC has over 50 references in the industry. From our sales service we supply both, spares for wind turbines (pistons, seals, seal kits, linings, pads for wind brakes…) and complete yaw and rotor brakes. We can also diagnose and repair your brakes or give you technical assistance in the field if necessary.



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