ANTEC started out by designing and manufacturing industrial brakes. We are one of the world leaders in this segment due to our vast experience, wide range of products including electrohydraulic, hydraulic and electromagnetic technology, and our ability to deliver products complying with international standards (German DIN standards, French S standards and American AISE standards).


ANTEC is a world reference for the sector since our industrial brakes guarantee compliance with the demanding quality and safety standards.  In turn, the diversity and reliability of our brakes and thrustors has allowed us to be present in all the industry’s processes: load driving and hoisting, winders, rolling mills and other processes that require braking systems.


ANTEC has a longstanding experience in developing braking solutions for marine environments with high braking torque requirements.  Among our industrial brakes with application in harbor cranes systems, the most important are the industrial brakes for every kind of gantry cranes: brakes for rubber tired gantry cranes (RTGs), for rail mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) and for hip-to-shore cranes (STSs).


ANTEC teams up with turnkey engineering firms to design braking systems in line with the mine’s technical requirements. Plus our extensive network of customers and dealers means we can meet new equipment needs in existing mines. ANTEC has installed brakes and other equipment on conveyor belts, stacker reclaimers, lifting equipment, grinding mills and ventilation equipment.


ANTEC has extensive experience in identifying customer needs and developing ad hoc braking systems for various sectors and applications. This means we can operate in a wide range of industries including cement, shipbuilding, nuclear power plants, the food industry and municipal solid waste management.


ANTEC has more than 50 references in the sector. We have an after sales and spare parts service for all types of industrial brakes and electrohydraulic actuators. We can supply both, spare parts or complete brakes and thrustors.  We also diagnose and repair brakes and thrustors in our facilities and carry out technical assistance in field if necessary.



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